Beretta Gallery

The luxury showcase in Milan of the historic Italian brand Beretta

Almost five hundred years of family history, that continues through generations, shine today in the center of Milan and in the main markets worldwide.

“In 1526, Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta da Gardone, after having delivered 185 arquebus barrels to the Arsenal of Venice, received 296 ducats in payment.” This official document certifies the full commercial activity of the Beretta brand already in the Sixteenth century. The secrets and the attention to details that Jacopo learned from his father Bartolomeo, passed to his son Giovannino and his nephew Giovan Antonio and so on, century after century. Today, thanks to a centuries-old history, the family is ready to face the arduous challenge of the global market, thanks to substantial investments in the most innovative technologies. There are historical documents that tell of the passage of Leonardo da Vinci in Val Trompia and this year Beretta honors the figure on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death, with the exclusive production of two SL3 shotguns, on which are engraved the portraits of the great scientist and the Mona Lisa. Thirty years ago the brand decided to complete the offer for the customer with collections of clothing and accessories related to hunting and the outdoor world. In the occasion of the Expo, a few steps from the spiers of the Duomo, the Beretta Gallery is born: an elegant exhibition space distributed over three floors. The original formula chosen for Milan from 2015 sees the coexistence with the historic Ravizza brand, another famous historical store. The Company and the Group are managed by the 15th generation Beretta represented by the two brothers Pietro and Franco Gussalli Beretta. Pietro Gussalli Beretta is President of Beretta Holding. Franco Gussalli Beretta is President of Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta, the historical brand of the Group.

Via Hoepli, 3  – Milano

+39 02 76028325