Pirotta Casalinghi

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He has lived and worked there for more than 50 years, solving everyone’s problems. La Pirotta is an institution.
It is the confirmation that passion is worth more than any restorative.
Welcome to the emporium of wonders for professionals and the curious.

Let’s go to her, our “Amazon” and you will see that we find it. We are in Fenegrò, a town a stone’s throw from Appiano Gentile. Waiting for us is “la Pirotta” with her 81 years, her husband’s surname and the sign of the most renowned historical workshop in the area. A safe place, a certain address and a door that is always open to find anyone.
“From the pin to the elephant”, the slogan of the Harrods department store in the 1960s seems to have been written for her, to testify to the wealth of products of her shop opened by her husband in 1957 as a hardware store and transformed by her in 1961 into a “life-saving emporium”: from the light bulb to the washing machine and if you don’t have it, get it for the next day. Inside there are two “shelf” rooms where tools are lined up for him, kitchen accessories for her, toys for children, small stationery, the first pen, the first notebook and the first backpack for the first day of school. La Pirotta has seen families and generations grow by providing them from time to time with everything they needed to fix, build and decorate, pass the time and have fun, make themselves beautiful and comb their hair, set the table and create bouquets of flowers, prepare a coffee for the friends and … It’s time to go: I have to buy a frame, incredible, she has it and she also knows where to find it. A perfect inventory!

via Roma, 45 – Fenegrò (CO)

+39. 031 935931