Re Ottavio

The paradise of buttons in Via Bagutta, since 1935

A magical place for ladies, who can find belts, bijoux, buttons and accessories to be elegant and classy.

The Paradise of buttons, in the center of the fashion quadrilateral. If Lucignolo had been a woman and Collodi had written in Milan, he probably would have chosen Ottavio Re’s workshop to set his Toy Country: ladies of all ages can find everything they want to be elegant. Buttons, fine belts, vintage and modern bijoux, all handmade in the workshop at the back of the shop, on the first floor of a building in Via Bagutta. It does not overlook the street and is not on Via Montenapoleone, so Sergio Coletto’s shop must be sought, but it is an absolute excellence in the sector. Sergio’s father, Emanuele, started working here as a deliveryman at 15, in the last years of the war. King Ottavio was the manager – nothing noble, “King” is only the surname – and made belts and buttons by hand, with the help of professional artisans. Over time Emanuele made a career, growing in position until in the seventies, when Ottavio died. He took over the shop and became its owner. Today the shop, while maintaining the name of its founder, is guided by Sergio Coletto.

Via Bagutta, 1  – Milano

+39 02 76002569