Al Pascià

The “curvy” pipe in a store that seems a luxury ship, since 1906

The “curvy” pipe is the Al Pascià masterpiece, demanded all over the world especially by young people, but the handcrafted production is very rich.

When you want to say to someone in Milan that he looks very well, you tell him he lives “like a pascià”. At “Al Pascià” this is how they feel since 1906, when they chose this name to inaugurate a thriving activity of smoking articles, which over the time has evolved, focusing heavily on the production of pipes. Entering the store, which has always been inside Palazzo Casati Stampa, a marvelous 16th century building, is already an experience, because it seems to climb a narrow and long ship, made of polished wood furniture of incomparable charm. From the late Eighties the management has passed to the Sportelli family, with father Umberto and mother Adele, now assisted by their sons Cosimo and Leonardo. The production of pipes goes great especially thanks to the inimitable Curvy, a pipe created with irony and taste with sinuous and “plump” shapes, beloved by young people all over the world. The collaboration with the artisans have always interested all the phases of the creative process of Al Pascià, from the conception to the choice of the material and the finishes, up to the final product, with a particular attention to the working techniques. Online sales are also well supplied and very useful: the Sportelli brothers have been pioneers since 1999. “Our greatest joy is always seeing in our customers the same emotions we feel”, the brothers say, happy to be riding a historic activity that still has a lot to tell.

Via Torino, 61  – Milano

+39 02 86450597