Elisabetta Invernici

Expert costume journalist with particular attention to fashion and beauty. She graduated in philosophy from the Catholic University of Milan with a specialization in Aesthetic Critic.

You have worked in the most important national newspapers and directed some women’s weeklies. Communication expert and consultant for international companies, in recent years she has developed projects in the cultural, fashion, cosmetics and art fields carried out in Italy and abroad. Among the most important presences: Athens Olympic Games with “Valori Olimpici” (2004); Beauty Fair in Izmir with “Rinascimento” (2008); Expo Shanghai Italy Pavilion with “Italian Beauty Day” (2010); Confindustria Mission in Beijing with “L’Orto della Bellezza Italiana” (2010); Italian Festival Weeks in Dubai with “Maria Callas Milano” and “Profumi d’Italia” (2011); Cosmoprof Asia in Istanbul with “Rinascimento” (2011); “Valentina Cortese. Uno stile” at Palazzo Morando Milan (2013), “Omaggio a Valentina Cortese” at the San Babila Theater in Milan (2014), “Valentina Cortese – La diva” Spazio Oberdan Milan (2018), shot at the Spazio BAFF Festival Busto Arsizio (2019).

In 2000 you founded the Edizioni EVI publishing house specializing in marketing and communication with the production of international periodicals, house organs and specialized magazines. She has been a lecturer at the Lombardy Order of Journalists since 2004 and at the IULM since 2017. She is the author of the book “Valentina Cortese. 100 ritratti”, published by SKIRA. Since 2016 she has taught the master in Management and Communication of Beauty and Wellness at IULM Milan.

Since 2005 you have been the owner of the heARTspace space in via dell’Orso 12 in Milan, home of business in the editorial philosophical field. With her training at Phronesis, she obtained the title of Philosophical Consultant in 2009.


Edizioni EVI was present at EXPO Milan 2015 with “Profumo di Milano” and in the Italian Pavilion with “L’Orto della Bellezza Italiana” (3/8 August 2015).

You signed the concept of the Olfactory Vision of the “Cenacolo” within the exhibition “Inside the last supper” – Stelline Foundation and “Dama dell’Ermellino” within “Leonardo3 – Il Mondo di Leonardo“.

He conceived and curated the “Omaggio a Rosa Genoni” event at Palazzo Castiglioni during the September 2015 Fashion Week which was followed, on the occasion of the celebratory calendar for the 150th anniversary of his birth, the exhibitions at Palazzo Morando (February 2017) and the exhibition “Rosa Genoni 1867-1954: a woman conquering the 20th century for fashion, teaching, peace and emancipation – State Archives – Via Senato 10 Milan (13 January / 17 March 2018).

In 2018 you inaugurated the exhibitions: “FRANCO 1968-Milan style is born” – Sormani Library Milan (18 May / 14 July) and “Tracce” – Olfactory itinerary-Palazzo Pitti Florence (14/16 September).

In 2019 she deals with the topic of Historical Shops with informative conversations addressed to the public in the iconic places of Milan (Savini Milano 1867-Spazio TECA), and participates in “I giorni delle Rose” with a laboratory of Aromasophia-Experience between olfaction and dedicated philosophy to the rose- (May 31 / June 2) at Villa Fidelia Spello PG. He inaugurates “The cultural seasons of by Savini Milano 1867 with Callas at table 7 (June 12 / September 22 / September 29) to whom he dedicates the exhibition “Callas mai vista“. Palazzo Pitti Florence (13/15 September).

She organizes and conducts the events open to the public “Domenica al Savini” with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

Alberto Oliva

Born in 1984, he graduated in Cultural Heritage at the State University of Milan, and also at the Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in 2009. He is a theater director and journalist.

He collaborates with the newspaper Il Giorno since June 2013, when he inaugurated the successful “Anime Nascoste” column, in which he explores the new locations opening in Milan in the name of the hybridization of different activities, combining food and culture, sales and passion. From 2016 he also deals with Botteghe Storiche, writing a weekly page dedicated to the best in Milan. Over the years, four guides have been published, collecting all the articles to offer readers an overview of the new models of commerce in Milan, combined with the tradition of those who resist over time with the ability to innovate. In February 2019 he curated a Photo Exhibition in Via Dante realized with the support of the Municipality of Milan.

As a theater director, he is the artistic director of the Compagnia I Demoni with his colleague Mino Manni, and has directed prose works in Milan and throughout Italy, achieving some prestigious awards such as the Luigi Pirandello International Award in 2012 as best emerging director. In September 2017 he inaugurated the Venice Biennale Music section with the direction of the opera Inori di Stockhausen with The Orchestra of Padua and Veneto conducted by Maestro Marco Angius. Since 2017 he has been in charge of the Opera direction of the Teatro Verdi in Busseto in collaboration with Adads of Piacenza.