Bagatti Bronzisti

Fire and flames. Since 1927

It starts with Carlo Bagatti who produces the brass parts for the first industrial coffee machines, then the family rides the boom in design and Daniele still works with the greatest architects today.

Carlo Bagatti began working as a bronze worker in the area of ​​Piazza Vetra back in 1927.
Its production initially focused on the brass parts of the first espresso coffee machines for bars in Milan. During the war the whole square suffered a devastating bombardment, but, despite the difficulties, Carlo did not lose heart and, together with his son Giampiero, managed to find a new space in via Lanzone, just below the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. . They think it is a temporary situation, but they remain there until 2006, and it is precisely there that Daniele, the current owner, third generation of bronze workers, at the helm of the company since 1992, begins his career.
Over the years, from the production of coffee machines to standard lamps and lighting fixtures for shipyards.
These were the years in which design was born and Giampiero decided to work for architects, abandoning mass production for art.
Thus began a thriving and stimulating collaboration with artists such as Gae Aulenti and Livio Castiglioni.
Daniele continues and enriches the artistic sector. Now, as then, in via Casoretto, the soul of the shop remains unchanged: it does not limit itself to creating the models of artists and architects, but creates them together with them, thus forging deep friendships.

Via Casoretto, 5 – Milano

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