Vision of artist. Since 1975.

The center of engraving in a seventeenth -century garden in the heart of the Navigli is the kingdom of Gigi Pedroli, an eclectic character, who paints an enchanted world.


Beyond the seventeenth-century threshold of one of the oldest farmhouses of the city, you can still admire a forge of art: inside of the courtyard still operates a printing house that prefers the ancient hand press. He has been looking out for more than forty years on banks of the Naviglio Grande and represents a surprising stop in the neighborhood for many enthusiasts, Milanese, travellers, tourists or simply curious: this is the world of the Centre of Engraving, the magic of a lost manual art.
This is the realm of Gigi Pedroli, tireless artist, which stands out for the sophisticated elegance of the sign and the phantasmagorical play of colors. The engravings of him tell, in a fantastic and surreal way, the characters of reality that surrounds: men, women, children and animals that, in the shade of talking trees or driving flying cars, they dream new adventures. In addition, in the workshop, between courses and visits schools, exhibitions of engraving art and musical evenings in old Milan style, his wife Gabriella and his nephew Alessandro passionately illustrate to the enchanted visitors the works of over fifty years of Italian engraving.

Alzaia Naviglio Grande, 66 – Milano

+39 02 58112621