Coltelleria Collini

Blade of light. Since 1968.

Everything for the cut, from professionals seeking excellence to fantasy enthusiasts. And space in the kitchen for cooking experts. Between tradition and technology.

Over fifty years of experience in the sector: here is the Collini Cutlery, excellence in Busto Arsizio since 1968, with a shop on the street and an internal laboratory, where all kinds of blades are sharpened for all needs: scissors, knives, cutters, clippers, gouges and accessories for manicure. In addition to the typical items of cutlery, from the windows you can admire Collini’s taste for the exotic and for fantasy, with Japanese katanas, medieval armor and the official merchandise of the most loved cinematic cult of all time, such as Harry Potter and the Lord of the rings, but also Rambo, the Iron Throne, the Gladiator and Spartacus.
Collini is the realm of hobbies and professions, where confectioners can meet at the counter looking for the latest generation mixers, sommeliers looking for accessories for wine tasting, friends who organize role-playing games in fantasy clothing, hunters and sportsmen, military and animal lovers with fur to be sheared for competitions. Thanks to the expertise of Rudy, his collaborators and for having combined physical sales with online sales in the distant 2000, Coltelleria Collini is today a point of reference worldwide for individuals and professionals who want to purchase efficient and extremely sharp tools.
A clientele shared with mum Laura, dad Ferdinando and Rudy’s sister Deborah who, in the shop next door, welcome chefs and food bloggers, gourmands and lovers of good food in search of tradition and technology. Pots, kitchen accessories, old and new coffee pots, molds for cakes, biscuits and pastries, various tools are lined up on the shelf in a colorful array of convincing gift ideas. The world of housewares is served but for those who want to know more, product and new brand demonstrations are organized by experts and chefs ready to reveal the tricks of the trade and save a few too many “omelettes”.

Via Felice Cavallotti, 1 – Busto Arsizio (VA)

+39 0331 632686