Drogheria De Ponti

More of everything. Since 1934.

“Fundeghé” for ninety years, three generations of grocers always attentive to the genuine relationship with loyal customers, in a place that has grown over the years.


In Milanese dialect, the grocer was the “fundeghè”, upon entering you breathed a unique scent, a mixture of coffee, licorice, chocolate, biscuits, but also soaps and detergents. There were the imposing wooden counter, the tall ones shelves, the windows of the cafes, the sweets from the thousand colors that made children’s eyes widen. Behind the counter, in 1934, were the De Ponti brothers, Angel and Louis. From 1934 to 1948 the grocery consisted of two showcase eyes, since 1949 it has been enriched with a coffee roasting place.
Angel and Josephine they passed their experience down to their children Ernestina, Glicerio and Emilio.
Since 1975 the wine shop takes the place of roasting and in the nineties the shop grows progressively up to count as many as eleven showcases. Guido represents the third generation, son of Glicerio, to whom he owes the passion and the curiosity about wine and food specialties.
Andrea and Samuele have been working alongside him for almost a decade in the search and selection of excellence. Everyone follows their own passions, wines, distillates, beers and sake, with great attention to specialties sweet and savory, as well as changes in taste and food and wine sensitivities. A synthesis between history and modernity, taste and awareness.

Via Plinio, 17 – Milano

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