Erboristeria Novetti

Precious family herbs. Since 1952.

Herbal teas, decoctions, potions: the tradition of medicinal plants dates back to antiquity and is based on the very long experience of “living according to nature”. Undisputed beneficial properties.

Seventy years ago, opening an herbalist’s shop was an act revolutionary and innovative, much more niche of the habit that has spread in recent years.
Italo Novetti firmly believed that the reconstruction after the war had to go through a return to nature. Italo already worked in a medicinal plant company in the thirties, so the choice against the tide of him derived from a long experience in a sector in which in reality Italy – and all of Europe – excelled many centuries ago, as also told Umberto Eco in the “The Name of the Rose”. Today behind the counter are Francesco, Italo’s son, and her daughter Elena, but her granddaughters have already been born, possible fourth generation to lead the herbalist shop family’s.The shop, which has always been at the end of via Paolo Sarpi, is a jewel that offers itself intact to the eyes of visitor, as once upon a time. There are many on display transparent vases with herbs and plants for herbal teas and decoctions, with nourishing and regenerating properties, which cannot be considered medical, but they know without a doubt offer benefits to those who take them.Some products come directly from domestic crops, but most of them of the plants come from various parts of the world.

Via Paolo Sarpi, 63 – Milano

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