Fabbrica Organi Tamburini

Divine sound. Since 1893

Organ factory for four generations, it produces and restores the instruments that play in the most important cathedrals and concert halls in Italy and in the world.

Born in Bagnacavallo, in the province of Ravenna, from humble origins, Giovanni Tamburini began his apprenticeship in his teens as an accordion repairer and maker. In 1887 he was hired by an important company in Crema to find solutions to mechanical problems in organ production.
The important transformation of the organ from mechanical to electrical is due to his talent. In 1893 he founded his own organ factory in Crema, dedicating himself to the construction of grandiose instruments, installed in Rome and Milan, in the most important cathedrals in Italy and abroad, tested by the most distinguished masters. It is the daughter Cecilia who collects the glorious legacy of Giovanni, together with her husband Umberto Anselmi, who manages to overcome the difficult years of the war, then passing the baton to Franco Anselmi Tamburini. From an early age, Franco devoted himself to music, playing the piano, the flywheel, the mandolin and the harpsichord, and then devoted himself totally to the organ. Equipped with the so-called “perfect pitch”, he captures every little nuance of sounds in the remarkable variety of “registers” found in the large instruments produced by the company. Today his son Saverio carries on the family business, dealing with the restoration of pipe organs, the fine-tuning and tuning of new organs.

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