Absolute nose. Since 1945.

From Laboratorio and Assoluta, from the fusion of technological expertise and alliance with nature, works of olfactory beauty are born.


The name of the brand of artistic and artisanal perfumery LabSolue was born from the fusion of two words: Laboratory and Absolute, two fundamental aspects of essence art. The Absolute is the finest extraction of the ingredients in perfumery: a natural raw material, rich and noble, obtained from the dilution in alcohol of the concretes and dei resinoids. The Laboratory is the place where ideas are born, the hub of innovation and creation, where the company’s know-how grew over the decades. This is how works of beauty are born and kept, the result of technological expertise and alliance with the nature. LabSolue was created in 2007 by the sisters Giorgia and Ambra Martone, in Milan. Behind, almost a century of experience: it all started in 1945, with the historic family pharmaceutical and cosmetic brand, Marvin, founded by the grandfather Vincenzo Martone. The factory expanded, under the guidance of their father Roberto Martone, becoming ICR – Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite – a global Company of luxury perfumes. A story of deep family roots, which generation after generation continues to embrace the values of art, high quality and craftsmanship.
Inside the visitor can walk through the three olfactory islands of laboratory: Fruits and Aromatics, Flowers, Woods and Resins looking for the favorite essence.
All under the banner of the tree, element always in the center of inspiration and olfactory references of LabSolue. But the tree is also the symbol that represents history of the Martone family, from the grandfather’s factory perfumes to today’s reality: generations that have passed down and sublimated the art of perfumery.
The tree finally becomes a graphic sign to identify the Magna Pars, the family Hotel à Parfum, which rises on the site of the old perfume factory of the family in via Forcella 6 in Milan. The Perfume Laboratory is located also in Rome in via di Monserrato 42, hub of artistic shopping and expression of the Italian lifestyle.

Via Forcella, 8 – Milano

+39 02 8338371