Solazzo Calzature

At your feet. Since 1970

In the Lombard homeland of footwear, a stone’s throw from the historical museum, a workshop to tell the art of the shoe made in Vigevano, heir to an undisputed craftsmanship.

“The roots of this company have the face of our parents and the entrepreneurial intelligence of father Natalino”.
Hence the story of Tina Solazzo who, with her brothers Giuseppe and Alessandro, runs a shoe company that has been in business for more than fifty years. After important collaborations with large companies in the Vigevano area, around 1970, the family decided to devote itself to the complete production of men’s shoes, launching its own brand. Initially it focuses on the classic moccasin, and then moves on to other models, with luxury brands.
“Ours is not a series production. Each shoe is assembled differently, the leather is treated in a certain way and most of the operations are still done manually – explains Tina – Over fifty thousand pairs of shoes every year: footwear prepared with experience and skill, because what makes the difference is extreme accuracy in the details “. Inside the laboratory with outlet shop and study center, all product processing takes place, handing down the skills of the old master shoemakers to the youngest. Quality of raw materials and manual competence combine with the creativity of emerging stylists to relaunch Solazzo at an international artistic level, participating in art and culture projects around the world.

Via Emilio Galli, 23/25/27 – Vigevano (PV)

+39 0381 88629