Walter Abbigliamento

A unique style for a Milanese mood, since 1932

Teresa Valcasara, aka Walter, is the extraordinary woman who has created an important brand, leader in the sale of clothing made of fine fibers.

At Walter’s you can find the male and female garments imported from renowned European producers: from Great Britain to Ireland, from Scotland to Austria, from Germany to France, only the best for customers! Very few know that the gentleman who served behind the counter, son of the founder Teresa and father of the current owner – Teresa herself – was called Alessandro and not Walter, as everyone called him. Walter was the acronym of his mother’s name! The story of Valcasara Teresa, aka Val-Ter with the W to become more “British”, is the story of an exceptional woman, who remains a very young widow, mother of little Alessandro. Teresa decides to sell the farm estate in the Vicenza area, owned by the family since 1600, and moved to Milan to inaugurate, in 1928, the Walter Company. Teresa immediately decided to characterize the store by selling high quality, Anglo-Saxon imported products. Mainly specialized in raincoats for men, the company has grown over the years to include jackets, trousers, coats and the renowned English knitwear in its range. Naturally all made of natural fibers. The first Walter clothing store is located in Piazza Duomo in the Arengario. From 1932 it moved to Corso Italia, 6 where it progressively expanded from one to two display cases, then expanding into the vast exhibition space on the first floor. In 2010 it moved to the current location of Corso di Porta Romana 2, maintaining the characteristic historic furnishings and the wide range of products. A curiosity: in the forties, grandmother Teresa, as she is remembered by her niece, manages to buy back the farm she had sold, allowing her to carry on another historic family business!

Corso di Porta Romana, 2  – Milano

+39 02 86450006