Boragno Bustolibri

At the court of books. Since 1911

For more than a hundred years a place for reading and writing, today saved from popular shareholding. For an authentic culture, which is everyone’s heritage.

It was 1911 when Alfonso Pianezza opened his stationery and printing shop, but the management soon passed into the hands of the Boragno family, who kept it for over a century, enriching the business with shops specializing in pens, writing materials, stationery and legal books, creating a real “court of culture” in the historic center of Busto Arsizio.
After a brief suspension of activity, the bookshop reopened to the public thanks to the foundation of the new company, supported by entrepreneurs, professionals, publishers and simple readers thanks to the original formula of “popular shareholding”, the only one of its kind in Italy. Today the Boragno bookshop is an irreplaceable meeting point in the social and cultural life of the city. The added value of the activity are the elegant adjoining spaces of the Galleria Boragno, a renovated former cinema hall, where, thanks to the tenacity and passion of Francesca, tireless in organizing all sorts of initiatives, book presentations, readings, shows come to life. music, art and photography exhibitions. In full respect of its long tradition, today the bookshop has landed on the internet, to combine the virtual world with the real one and reach all book lovers with cutting-edge services.

Via Milano 4 – Busto Arsizio (VA)

+39 0331 635 753