Cappellificio Vimercati

Hello. Since 1953

From the “city of the hat” a historic company in which know-how has been handed down for generations, preserving the rituals and gestures of a timeless accessory.

Historically known as “the city of the hat”, Monza experienced an incredible flourishing of businesses at the beginning of the twentieth century, which over the course of the century have been disappearing, except for a few virtuous craftsmen.
It was the autumn of 1953 when the brothers Gabriele and Giulio Vimercati, former hatters by profession, decided to set up their own hat factory, completely family-run. Gabriele’s three children, Giuseppe, Giorgio and Marco, started very young, learning the various processing techniques and the passion in shaping precious hats.
Today the grandchildren – Roberto, Fabrizio and Elisa – also work in the company, fascinated by this timeless art, which continues to live in the factory where everything is still produced by hand, with craftsmanship and perfectly functioning vintage machinery.
The new models combine the art of tradition with the needs of a rapidly changing world, with customers coming from all over the world in search of the most authentic Made in Italy quality.
From flat cap to top hat, from bowler hat to Fedora, the universe of headgear finds an original interpreter in Vimercati.

Via Macallè, 2 – Monza (MB)

+39 039 743033