Academia Cremonensis

Magic agreements.

In the homeland of lutherie, the school where you learn to build musical instruments according to the noble and ancient Cremonese tradition.

Born from the will of an expert luthier, a well-known family of bowmakers, and an entrepreneur conquered by the art of Amati, Stradivari, Guarneri del Gesù, the Academia Cremonensis is today the most prestigious private training institution for those who want to learn build musical instruments according to the ancient Cremonese tradition. The goal is to pass on the peculiarities of the craft through the creation of tools and accessories according to the guidelines of the tradition of the Masters. Chaired by Giovanni Colonna and directed by Nicholas Gamberini, the Academy has its flagship in the study method that allows students to obtain important results in just three years. The headquarters are located in the nineteenth-century noble palace Mina-Bolzesi, one of the most beautiful buildings in Cremona, the undisputed homeland of this ancient and wonderful art. Today the Academy organizes about fifty different courses, in order to offer each student the path that best suits their goals and their starting level.

Via Giovanni Maria Platina 66 – Cremona

+39 0372 750661