Ancorotti Cosmetics

Here beauty is done. Since 1984

Protagonist of the Made in Italy international cosmetics pole, Ancorotti Cosmetics grows in the skilled hands of Enrica.
From his father Renato, the attentive look of an entrepreneurial experience developed with culture and elegance.

Crema, 1984, what has now become the hub of international cosmetics signed Made in Italy.Renato Ancorotti, a young entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector, realizes the importance of decentralized production of cosmetics and establishes Gamma Croma, a contract manufacturer that quickly becomes world leader in make-up. Thus was born an entrepreneurial case history that led him to the presidency of Cosmetica Italia and earned him the knighthood of work as well as the nickname “emperor of mascara”. But its heart beats for the East and Russian literature and Ischia’s beloved buen retiro, protected by a truly enviable collection of Neapolitan croissants. For thirty years, Renato Ancorotti has dedicated himself both to the management of his company and to the professional growth of his daughter Enrica, transmitting his love and expertise for the world of Beauty. So, after nine years of constant collaboration and a life spent in cosmetics, in 2009 Enrica decides to create a new company, Ancorotti Cosmetics, engaged in the entire range of make-up and skincare products and deeply specialized in the production of mascara with ‘aim to provide customers with excellent service and original products, working side by side in a personalized and flexible way. The ideal partner for all those brands, large and small, that believe in research, innovation, quality but above all sustainability.

Via dell’Industria, 22 – Crema (CR)

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