Volkan Pipe

For lovers of slow smoking.

Three generations of openly made in Italy pipe artisans conquering international markets. An all-Lombard story, made up of innovation, quality of materials and obsessive attention to detail. The inspiration for a new entrepreneurial adventure was born from the globetrotting grandfather. All handmade by Alberto Paronelli in Gavirate.

They are the Volkan pipes in extra Italian briar from Tuscany, Calabria and Sardinia. Alberto Paronelli was born in Varese in 1977, son of Antonio and grandson of the founder of Paronelli Pipe, Jean Marie Alberto, known for being a volcano of ideas. In his honor Alberto decides to create the Volkan Pipe in 2008. Always at the side of his grandfather and father since he was a boy during international events and fairs, in the constant approach of foreign markets, Alberto decides to give his business an international edge. Thus, alongside its historic presence at the Dortmund and Frankfurt Fairs, followed by that in Chicago, it is permanently included in the major events of the Chinese market and in all the most important European competitions linked to slow smoking. Volkan pipes are characterized by the elegance of the design combined with extreme attention and attention to detail. The refinement of inserts in precious materials such as amber, fossil ivory, gold and rare stones make them unique pieces. Volkan pipes are present in the most famous tobacco shops in the world including: Noli Milano, Urs Portmann Kreuzlingen, Tabac Besson Lausanne, Tabac Rhein Geneva, J.J. Fox London, Covent Garden London, Danish Pipe Shop Copenhagen, Cigar World Dusseldorf, Supertabak Moscow, Wu Space Beijing.

Via del Chiostro 1/A – Gavirate (VA)

+39 320 6364719