Corrado Tessuti

Silk effect. Since 1884

Fabrics for clothing, ceremonies and furnishings, in a factory that makes quality its flagship.

It all began in 1884, when the Swiss Schwarzenbach family decided to open a silk factory, destined to become the most important in Italy. There are documents dating back to 1920 that already show the existence of a shop inside the silk factory, right in via Zeuner in Seveso, even if only in 1964 did the shop receive regular municipal authorization.
The commercial activity of fabrics continues over the years, until in 1989 Giorgio Nanni takes over with the company Nako Textil, which is committed to the creation of a line of fabrics for clothing with the participation of silk weavers from Como.
In 1998 the license was sold and the business continued thanks to his son Corrado who founded Corrado Tessuti, specialized in the sale of fabrics for clothing and ceremonies with the addition of the tailoring service.
Since 2006, moreover, fabrics for furnishings and curtains have been added to the already vast catalog, used for splendid projects by artisan upholsterers.

Via Zeuner Federico, 5 – Seveso (MI)

+39 0362 551740