Casalinghi Collini Bugada

Shop window on Corso Buenos Aires, from 1883.

Moved in 2009, it still has a wall of wooden cutlery with unique and unobtainable pieces.

In 1883, Davide Collini, with his wife and son Abelardo, arrived in Milan from Pinzolo, known as the town of the grinders. Collini opened their shop in Corso Buenos Aires, 8, which remained to Abelardo after the First World War, with the loyal Luciano Dallara, one of the most capable and passionate employees, who takes over the management of the store when Abelardo passes away. In 1996, Luca, Silvio and Ivan Bugada, three brothers in partnership from Bergamo, take up the legacy. In 2009, after a long and exhausting battle in court, despite a sensational but unsuccessful signatures collection from loyal customers, the ownership of the historic building managed to obtain the eviction of all the pre-existing windows. Therefore, the Bugada Company must abandon its historic headquarters and fall back into the Buenos Aires gallery, in 2009. “In the old shop there were always people, despite being a dusty place, but it had a magic that does not belong to any other commercial reality. Abelardo had brilliant ideas, always at the forefront”. On the floor below the current headquarters, you can still admire part of the original old furniture, the dressers, the old counter and a wall of cutlery.

Galleria Buenos Aires, 12 – Milano

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