Ganci Argenterie

The tradition of Milanese silverware, since 1926.

Unique pieces, in precious materials, appreciated by the greatest international designers.

Since 1926 Ganci Argenterie has been a prestigious artisan workshop. For three generations it proudly defended the noble Milanese tradition of solid silver artifacts, great technical and artistic value in a large and elegant showroom with laboratory.
Starting from the most ancient arts of precious metal processing, it designs, creates and manufactures unique and refined objects. It was born with Giuseppe Morandino who initially produced pens in gold and silver, but soon decided to expand the business in silver furnishing accessories to satisfy the growing interest of the public in sophisticated and refined decor. His son Giovanni inherits the work, flanked by his wife, creating a brand that is a symbol of great quality, seriousness and dedication to work in the national and international market. Over time, Giovanni and Anna passed on their love for their shop to four of their five children, the current owners, who passionately continue to produce silver crockery and cutlery with one of the oldest brands in Milan: 110 MI. Currently the company works more and more on project and tailor-made, also using metals other than silver, such as brass, copper and nickel silver. This pieces are considered by those who commission them to be true masterpieces, thanks also to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers who recognize in this workshop the ability to find ingenious technical and productive solutions from time to time.

Via Altaguardia 8 – Milano

+39 02 58314323