Gioielleria Merzaghi

Jewels for the nobility and the clergy, since 1870.

Unique pieces made by hand and restored to measure.

The historic jewelry store created in 1870 by Amabile, great-great-grandfather of the current managers, turns 150 in 2020. His son Rino Merzaghi collaborated with the famous goldsmith Alfredo Ravasco from the beginning of the Twentieth century until the second postwar, creating masterpieces of absolute prestige such as the tiara of Pope Pius XI. Rino’s mastery is handed down from generation to generation up to Paola and Mauro, today at work together with their father Marco, who still creates wonderful jewels with authentic late nineteenth-century machinery and tools. In the family workshop, entirely handmade jewels are created starting from the idea, passing from the design to the realization of the finished object, customized according to the tastes and wishes of the client.
“We specialize in the restoration of ancient jewels – explain Paola and Mauro- thanks also to the experience handed down to us by our predecessors. While maintaining a classic style that makes jewels timeless, we design each piece on customer request, so our creations are unique and inimitable”.

Via dei Piatti, 11 – Milano

+39 02 875455