Di Mano In Mano

Behind the scenes

Antiques from every era, style and origin, certified inlays of value, ancient, modern and contemporary art in two large exhibition spaces, a mecca for lovers of vintage and bespoke pieces.

In the early nineties, the first community in the world of ACF (Associazione Comunità Famiglia), still in continuous development, with offices throughout Italy, settled in Villa Pizzone in Milan. The Di Mano In Mano Labor Cooperative developed within it in 1999 on the initiative of some members of the communities of Villapizzone and Castellazzo, whose values ​​it embraced and brought them into the world of work. Taking care of the environment in a holistic vision, of its territory and the community that inhabits it, its history, art and culture, its needs for work and training opportunities and its social fragility: these are the essential values ​​that over the years they have contributed to building a business model that was first local and then increasingly international. A long experience in the recovery, evaluation, rental and sale of antiques, modern antiques and second hand pieces that has fed over time an endless circuit of proposals, now available both online and offline. Antiques from all periods, styles and origins, certified inlays of value, ancient, modern and contemporary art, modern antiques and accessories, great twentieth-century design brands but also used furniture, new, used and vintage clothing.
In Milan and Cambiago two large exhibitions available for the most curious where you can find everything you need to furnish a location, a film set, or a theater scene in a personalized way. To buy or rent.

Via Castellazzo, 8 – Cambiago (MI)

+39 02 95349193