Make fashion. Since 1968.


The sociology of fashion is practiced by teaching young tailors to young people. From Bari to Milan, here is the winning story of an artist in love with beauty. Tireless entrepreneur.

There is an ancient way to bring order to disorder: rely on geometry. Francesco Fracchiolla, “Franco”, is an esthete, tailor, lawyer, philosopher and painter. His first fashion show was in his atelier in via Spiga 22, designed by architect Piero Pinto. And the showroom lies right in the middle of “Quadrilateral”. It was May 1968: a prophetic date.
Franco, flanked by his wife Angela as pierre and his sister Maria première, presents a collection from essential lines, clean but sophisticated, which he thinks classic but in reality is revolutionary in terms of colors and fabrics and proportions. His claim: “Make fashion, don’t make it war”. Thirty years old, he feels part of the beat generation, he shares that wind of change blows on everyone, even on his clients.
A style that conquers the milanese women, destined to capture the international clientele for its versatility: practical and functional clothes in the morning, stif and elegant in the afternoon, refined and seductive in the evening, thanks to a clever use of sequins, necklines and portholes that prelude to the nude look. But they are the asymmetrical cuts, the geometric panels, certain spatial solutions that sign the Franco style for all years Seventy and inspire Cardin.
And then those cosmetic colors, dusty as powder… Above all, everyone perceives that elegance resulting from high quality sartorial tradition, a prelude to great comfort.
Franco modifies traditional lines and volumes for the new smart woman, man and children, with a series of collections that become total look over time. Meanwhile, fashion shows in Rome, Florence, Milan, exhibitions and interviews.
His proposals are revived in the original sketches of Brunettar. When Franco moved in Via Senato 2, in February 1990 designed by himself, brings a fame that is already tradition.

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