Gioielleria Cielo

Luxury jewelry and watches, since 1914

Angelo, Fabio and Riccardo are the third generation of Cielo, united by the same passion for the beauty of Milan.

He was the son of a baker Angelo Cielo – magical surname – born in 1893, but his food allergy problems lead him to take a different path, which will be his fortune. He began his career as an apprentice at the famous Marangoni watch company in his native city Vicenza. With his wife he moved to Milan and in Piazza Beccaria he opened a shop destined to be very successful. From 1950, in the activity, his son Gianluigi joined him, with whom he opened the jewelery department next to the watchmaking department and the shops doubled. After the death of his father in 1974, Gianluigi maintains the only store in Piazza Cadorna, where he raises his three children with a severe and passionate apprenticeship, which commits them every Friday afternoon after school to repair the clocks under the careful eye of Aurelio, historian employee and mythical tutor. Angelo and Fabio soon took over the management of a new store in Piazza del Duomo, obtained in 1988 thanks to the cessation of the famous Bernasconi Jewelery business. In 2010 they had the opportunity to move to the current location, at Piazza Duomo, number 19, where the Jewelery shop can expand into four showcases and a large mezzanine, where the most prestigious watch brands on the market find space, alongside a good assortment of jewels including those of own production, designed by Riccardo, the third brother. Being in the heart of Milan leads them to believe in this city and in its relaunch, so that they have dedicated two watches, the Milan Watch with the Italian flag on the dial and Ora Elettrica, which takes the shape of the electric clocks found in the streets of Milan, one of the first cities to have this public service in the last century.

Piazza del Duomo, 19  – Milano

+39 02 874010