Galleria Bolzani

Little temple of the Lombard collectionism, since 1908

From grandfather Guido to his nephew Alberto, a family tradition made of passion for art and a vocation in search of lost masterpieces.

There is a gold seeker behaviour in the art of the gallery owner, who joins the aesthetic instinct (something more than a sixth sense) and a strong dose of passion. Alberto Bolzani is an excellent example of the category, son of art (in all senses) for generations, owner of the gallery with the same name, that today is located in the characteristic via Gerolamo Morone, right in front of Manzoni’s house entrance. The gallery has been here since 2011, in a historic building, after being evicted from Palazzo del Toro in Corso Matteotti, where the gallery has been based since 1938. The history of the Bolzani family begins much earlier, with Alberto’s grandfather, Guido, who designs machines for working silk, paints and gives free rein to all his artistic and technical talent. He arrived in Milan in 1922 to deal with paintings and frames, he moved several times in the area, always with great attention to customers. Over the years and decades, important collections of Macchiaioli, Scapigliati, Labronici and other Italian currents have followed one another, as well as some sporadic but significant international openings and Pellizza da Volpedo’s first solo exhibition.

Via Gerolamo Morone, 2  – Milano

+39 02 781026