Foto Veneta Ottica

The glass museum from the XVII century until today, since 1931

New Old Style with priceless glasses and historical frames on sale and on show to find new ways for fashion in the tradition.

Enthusiasts call it “the small museum”: wooden shelves, a wonderful floor and inside the windows an incredible amount of priceless historical relics. The oldest eyewear dates back to the Seventeenth Century, but between drawers and show cases you can find pieces from the Eighteenth Century, Nineteenth Century, of every single decade of the Twentieth Century, up to the magnificent Seventies in which design multiplied the models of the frames and developed material research. Hidden or exhibited in the historic shop of the Bisello family, there are thousands of glasses that tell the evolution of the costume with unique collector’s items, some only on show, others for sale or for rent for films, advertising, fashion shows, shooting. Foto Veneta Ottica has chosen to focus on the New Old Stock: vintage glasses never worn, kept since the grandfather of the current manager, opened the business in 1931. It was born as a shop-house, with the home behind the store, then sold. From here, everyone, private individuals, enthusiasts and companies, who often ask for advice from Emanuele Bisello, see models of frames from past centuries to find new ways of fashion in the tradition.

Via Torino, 57  – Milano

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