Ditta Guenzati

The most ancient shop in Milan, since 1768

250 years of history with Biedermeier counters in Italian walnut, precious fabrics and refined accessories.

Since the year of its foundation, the company has been involved in the retail sale of fabrics for clothing and of drapes and linen for domestic use, always standing out for the high quality of the products offered, which in the span of two and a half centuries allowed it to conquer popularity in the Milanese square and a first-rate place in the trade in fine fabrics. Surviving the Habsburg and Napoleonic dominations, and overcoming the two world wars, at the end of the sixties a gradual change began. It characterized the new commercial image of the company, transforming it into a unique reference point of its kind, not only for the affectionate clientele of lovers of the British style, but also for the many tourists who come every year from all over the world to visit our city. Crossing the threshold of the shop, you have the impression that the time clock stopped many years ago, evcating images of a past when customers went to the shops to make their purchases aboard buggies and carriages. The familiar and informal atmosphere that welcomes the visitor and the peaceful atmosphere mixed with that “scent” of other times, makes the visit to Guenzati a unique experience in the chaotic and hectic Milan. Inside you can still admire the original antique furnishings dating back to the first half of the 1800s, consisting of counters and desks in fine Italian walnut in perfect Biedermeier style with simple and functional lines from the typical rectangle decorations, legacy and testimony of ancient times. Today the oldest store in Milan, which had to move to Via Agnello after a long battle, offers a wide selection of tweed fabrics, fine combed and Scottish tartans, a careful selection of hats, caps, scarves, knitwear, kilts, waistcoats, ties, stockings and objects of various kinds of production strictly Anglo-Saxon to envy the same Highlanders.

Via Agnello, 8  – Milano

+39 02 86460423