Cravatte Cadè

Canziani – De Nardo: two families, one brand, since 1926

The temple of the man’s tie and shirt, proposed in various preparations, infinite colors and personalized models in order to meet the client’s wishes.

It all started in 1926 with two stores, one here where the brand is still located and the other one in Piazza Duomo 17, both intended for the sale of shirts and ties, clothing exclusively for men. Over the years the evolution of costume has led to a wider offer, including men’s accessories and also women’s scarves and shawls. The activity was inaugurated by Maria Canziani, aunt of Guido, married De Nardo, hence the name of the shop which is an acronym that merges the beginning of the two surnames in Ca-De’. Under the name, for some years, the word “fincra” appeared, which stands for “fine ties” in the period in which the Piazza Duomo headquarter was specializing in shirts and this one in ties. But now it is here that all the family items can be found, displayed in a window that invites many tourists to enter. Guido started working in a shop as soon as he finished his studies, while Luca did the electrician for a few years, but family passion and pride are values ​​that are priceless. Shirts and ties carry the Cadè label, a distinctive mark of quality and elegance, made especially for them by Italian companies commissioned to realize fabrics chosen by the owners. At one time everyone followed the same fashion and the same colors, but today there are so many sizes, lots of cuts and above all an explosion of colors, shades, as well as an absolute attention to materials. There are also shirts that do not need to be ironed, made of pure cotton according to a preparation that limits folds and gatherings in order to offer great comfort. Another peculiarity of the Cadè is a set of change of neck and wrists, included in the sale price of the shirt, which was once normal and which today, at the time of throwaway and easy replacement, fell into disuse.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 5  – Milano

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