Libreria Bocca

Social book. Since 1775

From ancient bookstore to cultural space: Bocca lands on the web with a dense schedule of meetings and interviews moderated by Giorgio Lodetti.

It is the oldest bookshop in Italy, but under the management of Monica and Giorgio Lodetti it has developed an innovative and very social soul. It is called Il Salotto di Bocca in Galleria. Open Cultural Space (#Socialtvlbocca) the idea that Giorgio launched during the closing of 2020, with which he creates culture on social media in a transversal, clear and direct way, with short interventions by personalities from the Milanese world, and beyond, gravitating around the bookcase. “It is a living room where everyone comes and brings their experience”, says Giorgio, owner of this restaurant founded in 1775 who, for over 40 years under his and his father’s management, has specialized in art books and contributes to promote culture in all its forms, organizing events and exhibitions with modern and contemporary artists. Painting, sculpture, architecture, design, poetry, performance, theater, cinema, song and music, but also medicine, politics and society find space in the dense schedule of interviews, moderated with competence and sympathy by Giorgio, who has already hosted hundreds of speakers around the table of the Milanese designer Carlo Apollo, cabinetmaker of international importance, supplier among others to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, in front of the window of the Library in the Gallery.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, 12 – Milano

+39 02 864 62321