Pasticceria Sommariva

The amaretti of Porta Romana, since 1919

Specialties prepared with skill and genuineness by the Sommariva family, in their historical “cake factory”.

Giorgio Sommariva bought the Grandi pastry shop in 1976 and named it with his name and that of his sons, who were only five and two years old, but dad was ready to write their future in the workshop. It was a farsighted name, because for over forty years the Sommariva family has managed the business with Gianluca and Ivan, sons of Giorgio and Teresa. In the shop some memorabilia of the past coexist, such as the beautiful hood of the old coal-fired oven, but also some marble tables. The almost hundred-year-old history of the workshop sees its origin with the founder Attilio Colombo, who inaugurated the business immediately after the First World War, continuing with Carlo Grandi and his wife Cesarina, who took over the management and continued it for fifty years, when – tired and satisfied – they give it to Giorgio Sommariva. Right from the start the new management is characterized by the specialty that is still in great demand today, the Amaretti di Porta Romana, a dessert with a hint of bitter taste unmistakable. The specialties are many, from wedding cakes to edible photography, to ice creams still prepared according to the ancient recipe.

Via Crema, 25  – Milano

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