Profumeria Mazzolari

In the kingdom of Augustus. Since 1950.

Augusto, Ferdinando, Augusto again … and then Marina, Alessandro, Carolina, down, down, to little Hartley; not only protagonists of a cosmetic dynasty but also names of fragrances dedicated to them and which make up the exclusive Mazzolari olfactory gallery.

Olfactory notes such as intense brushstrokes of color with which, of harmony and contrast, to create real perfumed portraits of children, grandchildren, friends, collaborators, even the most loyal customer: this is how the idea of ​​the Mazzolari perfume collection was born. the pyrotechnician Augusto, tireless company captain and undisputed patriarch, enriches an audience of unleashed fans from season to season sharing it with his customers, waiting for the news like a ticket for the First at La Scala.
It is the privilege of entering into family intimacy and sharing its different personalities through perfume. After all, it is the home olfactory library, an album of memories to be browsed by going through the nose, in search of that taste of life that Mazzolari possesses in an enviable dose and that he transmits with his gaze and with his proverbial energy to all generations. His ability to “infuriate himself”, to use a Dantesque term, to extend into the future with wisdom and optimism. And to think that it all started in a room where, says Mazzolari, “too many lived and yet fell asleep happily, between bottles and stills, lulled by the rhythm of the drops of perfume, wrapped in a fragrant cloud that made us dream. And then during the day … to work!
From mother Sabina I inherited trust and protection – he remembers – from father Ferdinando the sense of authority and gratitude. From both of them, a passion for the Bottega which, large or small, is simply my home “.

Corso Monforte, 2 – Milano

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