Profumeria Mazzolari

Trick and secrets in the temple of milanian beauty, since 1950

Augusto started working at the age of twelve and he is still the first to arrive and the last to leave in this company of refined elegance.

It all began in 1888 with Augusto Mazzolari, a barber. He inaugurates the perfumery activity in addition to the hairdresser, with his son Ferdinando. Here in the shop, at the age of only twelve, little Augustus begins to sweep the ladies’ hair and wash the heads. But he increases his passion for perfumes and chooses to focus on this activity, in which he specializes to become a well-known brand in the world, owner of shops throughout Milan and beyond. The headquarters of Corso Monforte, in 1966 when Augusto inaugurated it, is 18 square meters large. Today it extends over three floors, with over ten windows on the street and a marvelous refinement that welcomes customers showing the best of the made in Italy sector: perfumes, flowers, household items, antique counters and a very elegant staff. The Mazzolari brand is distributed in many foreign countries and it is a tribute that father Augusto gave to his children and grandchildren, because the various essences bear the names of family members, such as Alessandro, Elena, and also the delicate fragrance dedicated to Mama Sabina. They will carry on the company, in which Augusto, Marina, Alessandro and Carolina are already working with passion, as well as many long-time collaborators.

Corso Monforte, 2 – Milano

+39 02 76000063