Cartoleria Tagliabue

Not just news. Since 1939

Books, magazines and newspapers, backpacks and notebooks, but also toys for the youngest visitors to this stationery shop that grew up between school and church to create culture in the neighborhood.

Emerita Citelli, who still today many in the Sant’Edoardo district remember as “Mrs. Rita”, was the daughter of a Swiss artisan who created and sold hats in the center of Milan in the 1930s. She became the wife of Ercole Tagliabue, scion of a family well known in Busto Arsizio for the famous printing and fabric sampling laboratory. It was Don Ambrogio Gianotti who asked the young spouses to open a newsstand-stationery shop in the Sant’Edoardo neighborhood near the church and school, as a point of reference for the entire community.
And Rita took care of it, overcoming the great suffering of the war years and accompanying the shop with the growth of four children. The youngest of them, Peppino, in the seventies took over the management with his wife Laura. The name goes from “Citelli” to “Tagliabue” and the whole family participates in times of greatest need, with the brothers Alessandro, Marcella and Raffaella who often lend a hand behind the counter. The third generation takes over the reins of the stationery shop in 2012 with the eldest of the children, Alessandro, flanked by Rosy, to continue a long family history, made up of competence and service. The relationship with people and the air of home that you breathe in this stationery, including books, notebooks and newspapers, make it one of the most popular meeting points in the city.

Viale Vittorio Alfieri, 6 – Busto Arsizio (VA)

+39 0331 638069