Dino Ceccuzzi Gioielleria

My joy. Since 1949

A precious showcase on Piazza San Giovanni where high jewelery blends with family traditions and marks the anniversaries of the heart.

The elegant shop dates back to 1918, when it was born as a jewelery shop at the behest of Mr. Mazzucchelli, who after a long and beautiful career decides to sell the business to his young and enterprising apprentice, Dino Ceccuzzi, who arrived in Busto Arsizio from the Tuscan Maremma.
Following his untimely death, his son Bruno and his wife Maria took charge of the shop, moving it in 1961 to a brand new building built opposite the old headquarters. Over the years, Dino Ceccuzzi also plays a culturally important role in the world of jewelry, organizing events that combine culture and craftsmanship, history and modernity, art and commerce, from the exhibition of stage costumes of the Teatro alla Scala to competitions for young designers with a jury of international caliber.
In 1991 the “homecoming”: after a careful and respectful renovation, the old headquarters was recovered, also revealing a beautiful fully decorated coffered ceiling, which embellishes the sales room on the ground floor.
The showcases, custom built and entirely handmade by a master carpenter, take the shape of an eighteenth-century arch found intact during the works.
A precious mosaic in the center of the shop floor shows the brand, created by the Milani studio in 1979, called “the spider”, where the letters, D and C blend harmoniously.

Piazza San Giovanni 1 – Busto Arsizio (VA)

+39 0331 632867